Our Approach

You could also call this "Our philosophy" or "Our vision." What's unique about Our Company? Local, Local, Local!.  We are very proud to be the authorized area wholesale distributor for most of the top fundraiser brand name product lines available today. We offer our sponsors a full selection of what works; your community will be glad to support your groups goals.

Meet the Team

Some Of Our Friendly Lansdale Folks Who Make Your Fundraiser Go Smoothly!


Office manager 25 years with IFR; started as home and school parent/chairperson.

Ken McHugh

Founder & CEO

Born and raised in the Greater Philadelphia area, Ken has been a national leader in youth fundraising for over 35 years. From humble beginnings Ken has driven and loaded trucks for delivery as well as built one of the more respected family owned companies in America today.



Administrative Assistant with IFR for 10 years.

Next Steps...

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