Boon Supply Spring ’24


Orders delivered “direct to purchaser”!!

Starting with a Reusable Bag

Mixed Bag Designs was founded in 2008 by two mothers living in the San Francisco Bay Area who had a lot of experience with fundraising for their children’s schools. They had realized that most of the products out there for school fundraisers weren’t really useful in our day to day lives. How much frozen cookie dough and candles can one person really need? We felt that if we could offer something that people would actually use, it would in turn help raise fundraising profits. We started with our reusable grocery bags and it just took off from there.

Green Fundraisers

Since we first entered the fundraising market, it has been the fastest growing part of our business. Mixed Bag Designs has helped thousands of organizations across the country meet their fundraising goals for their important causes while spreading colorful and fun style.

Our company is young enough to be refreshingly different, yet experienced enough to understand how to handle many different types of fundraising opportunities. We take pride in our commitment to make your fundraising experience successful and enjoyable. Be the first to bring Mixed Bag Designs’ products to your community.

Forget paper or plastic, our reusable bags are green and gorgeous! We love our bags. The prints and colors make us happy. The fact that we are helping our environment makes us happy. Helping out local communities and fundraisers makes us happy. And the fact that our customers LOVE our bags makes us real happy.